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Meet Moab Medical.

It’s an entirely new world of real estate development for healthcare providers. Moab Medical Development Partners was formed to help providers navigate these new waters. We merge unparalleled expertise in medical facility design and construction, retail and hospitality development, and multi-tenant projects. All the experience needed to ensure your health system’s journey from operating urban and suburban acute care hospitals to coexisting in the competitive world of retail and hospitality is a successful one.


The Partners

How We Partner

Build-to-Suit Lease Partnerships

Faced with ever-increasing capital needs for operations and equipment, a build-to-suit lease arrangement is a proven way to preserve such precious capital. Moab Medical provides a fixed development price and 100 percent of the capital to complete turnkey facilities to your specific requirements.


Mixed-Use Developments

By taking the lead on master planning and working to understand the potential future value of the surrounding development, Moab Medical works together with healthcare providers to create the best plan, one which reduces capital required yet still allows for opportunities to capture future returns.