Creativity meets flexibility.

Moab Medical structures transactions in a variety of ways to meet our healthcare partners’ needs. Working together with our healthcare partners, Moab Medical will creatively develop solutions that are to our mutual benefit.

Build-to-Suit Lease Partnerships

Faced with ever-increasing capital needs for operations and equipment, a build-to-suit lease arrangement is a proven way to preserve such precious capital. Moab Medical provides a fixed development price and 100 percent of the capital to complete turnkey facilities to your specific requirements.

Our experienced professionals also understand and can navigate the numerous local, state and federal regulations. Moab Medical consistently demonstrates the development, design and construction expertise required to flawlessly execute.

Mixed-Use Developments

Today, many healthcare providers own—or are required to buy—parcels of land or existing buildings that are larger than needed for their own strategic, stand-alone use. In the past, providers often sold the excess property too early at under future market values to reduce capital requirements. Many systems once owned what is now very valuable real estate—value that the system itself created by establishing its presence in an area.

Moab Medical works with systems to take advantage of the value they ultimately create. By taking the lead on master planning and working to understand the potential future value of the surrounding development, Moab Medical works together with healthcare providers to create the best plan, one which reduces capital required yet still allows for opportunities to capture future returns.